People in ancient times noticed that when a container of grape wine is left open, then after 2-3 weeks wine sours and turns into vinegar. Interestingly, but in our world today, we still use this simple product that people have opened most likely by accident. Vinegar is much later was made from vegetables, fruits, cereals, honey, molasses, but the principle of manufacturing remained unchanged: first vegetable products were subjected to an alcohol and then acetic fermentation. Vinegar is an indispensable thing in the preparation of many dishes. There are different types of vinegar. But food and natural vinegar are the two main types of it. Any type of vinegar can be easily purchased online Ediets Promo Code. The main component of vinegar, for which it is estimated, is acetic acid - a natural acid that is involved in various metabolic reactions in the body. Acetic acid is an initial product of the bio synthesis of fatty acids, which are then formed fat and fat-like substance (lipid) of human, animal, plant sterols and contained in the cell membranes of all living organisms.
      Ancient people quickly found many appliances of vinegar. They began to insist on the vinegar and herbs and spices to use it as a preservative and seasoning. Roman legionnaires, once in Egypt, learned to disinfect water, adding a little vinegar, and get a drink at the same time, good thirst-quenching. Until now, popular myth about how the Queen of Egypt Cleopatra dissolved pearl in wine or in vinegar, and drank this type of elixir to keep beauty and youth. An amazing legend told by ordinary people is unlikely to correspond to reality, so it is impossible dissolve pearls in wine, but you can do it in strong vinegar. Cleopatra was characterized by bizarre behavior, and it is quite possible that she was surprised and delighted that she would embarrass the Roman conquerors dissolving the pearls, demonstrating wealth and power. But suppose that the queen of Egypt drank a glass or two of pearls in a strong solution of vinegar. It will be capable to burn the esophagus and stomach mucosa, so it is really hard to believe this story – it is probably a nice fantasy. However it tells about the strong characteristics of this means. People are using it with pleasure and finding it good for almost any dish.