Vinegar is an Indispensable Helper

      People in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome could can with vinegar fruits, vegetables and meat. Hippocrates, whose writings are exhaustive review of medical knowledge of V century BC, touted vinegar as a remedy that can help a person in his fight against infectious and other types of diseases. The word "vinegar" is now referred to as two completely different products. One of them is called "table, or alcohol, vinegar," and an aqueous solution of acetic acid obtained by the fermentation of an aqueous solution of alcohol or synthetically. Another is called "natural vinegar", and it was received as a result of acetic acid fermentation, alcohol-containing liquids such as wine, cider (apple wine of low alcohol) beer worth, fermented honey and juice of various fruits and berries. Oxidation of ethanol to acetic acid is due to the enzymes of acetic bacteria in this type of fluid. As a result, the finished product has not only acetic acid, but it has malice, lactic, citric, ascorbic, a small amount of esters, aldehyde, pectin and other types of organic compounds that give special nutritional vinegar a mild flavor and pleasant aroma. Concentration of natural vinegar is 4-6%, table - 6-9%. In a bottle of with natural vinegar, natural sediment may be present, in table vinegar - it is impossible. And finally, natural type of vinegar is more expensive in half or more. There is no reason to allocate any natural vinegar for its medicinal properties, as any of them possess antimicrobial activity when applied topically, stimulates appetite and improves digestion when used inside. But to use vinegar to treat any types of diseases isn't the fact; in the culinary business it should be treated with caution. We must follow the rule to use only natural vinegar, avoiding the use of it wherever possible. Natural type of vinegar is absolutely necessary only in the preparation of pickles and in very small quantities as a seasoning, imparts salads; meat and vegetable dishes spicy taste and create the desire to eat them. To those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, especially when it comes to inflammatory diseases with high acidity vinegar is not recommended. And absolutely no sense to drink it for "losing weight", "slag" and "improve the complexion," because the vinegar is very nutritious is thus building block from which the body is synthesized by fat cholesterol and pallor of the face after drinking vinegar shows only of lung poisoning. For the preparation of a home vinegar, you can use fruits and berries grown in the garden. Technology of preparation is almost the same. Fruits (apples, pears, plums) or berries (currants, gooseberries, rowan) pour boiling water, add sugar and leave for fermentation, which lasts approximately two months.